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Employee Management

Efficiently handle your workforce from onboarding to offboarding with our comprehensive Employee Management suite.

Onboarding Employees


To onboard employees manually, follow the below steps

  • From the dashboard, head to the Side navigation bar

  • Select "Employees"

    - Click on the "+Add Employee" button

  • Click on Onboard to send the offer letter for acceptance.

  • Fill all forms on each stage

  • You are recommended to upload all documents while filling up the form to ensure smooth onboarding.

  • You can add upto 5 bank accounts of the User and the user has the option of splitting his earnings into these 5 bank accounts by setting up a sharing percentage. If no split rate is mentioned, all earnings will be transferred to the first bank account added.


To onboard employees via an invite link, please follow the below steps. Please note the self onboarding feature is only applicable for Consultant level employees.

  • From the dashboard, head to the Side navigation bar

  • Select "Employees"

  • Click on the "+Add Employee" button

  • Click on "Invite via Link"

  • Fill the basic form and add email to send the onboarding link

  • The Employee gets the link and is asked to fill up the form after accepting the Offer.

  • Please note the employee has 3 days to accept the offer. If the employee fails to do the same, the request will come to the Re-request zone where you have 7 days to send the request again. If no action is taken, the link gets expired.

  • If the offer is accepted the status of the employee changes to Offer accepted in the system. However, the the employee has to fill all the details and click on the last Submit button. Otherwise, the status will still be considered as Offer Not Accepted.


Offboard an Employee

To offboard an employee, please follow the steps below

  • Head to the Employees screen from the side-bar navigation.

  • Enlarge the employee row who you want to offboard.

  • Click on "View Profile"

  • Click on the three-dot button on left hand screen below the profile picture

  • Select "Offboard Employee"

  • In the pop-up that appears, select the last day of working. Please note, once the employee is offboarded, their user access will be disabled and all self-service tickets corresponding to the employee will be closed.

  • Accept the terms on the further screen and click on "Finish"

Once the employee offboarding process is started you can individually start sub-processes such as deleting email ID, deleting user access across apps, balance settlement, etc.


Rehiring an Offboarded Employee

If the employee profile has not been deleted entirely, the employee can be re-hired. To rehire an employee:

  • Go the Employees screen

  • From the top filter bar, Choose Inactive Employees from the Status Column

  • Now click on Re-hire button under the profile picture

  • Select the re-hiring date and check "Enable User Access"

  • In the subsequent screens, fill all the required details to re-hire the employee

If the employee profile has been deleted entirely, start the onboarding process as the fresh employee


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