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Compare Japfu with Leading Competitors

Discover the Japfu Advantage See how Japfu stacks up against Ceipal Workforce, Oorwin, Deel, Remofirst, Papaya Global, and Rippling. Compare features and benefits to find the best solution for your HR needs.

Ceipal Workforce
AI Timesheets
Mivit AI [AI Assistant & On-the-go Answers]
Generative Reports & Advanced Analytics
Interactive Dashboards
Employer of Record
Manual Onboarding
Self Onboarding
Client Management
Vendor & End-client Management
Document Management
Placement Management
Payroll Data Extractor
Roles & Responsibilities
Assign & Swith Roles
Responsibility Transfer
Employee Defaults
Organization Announcements
Timesheet Submission & Approval
Timesheet History
Timesheet Analytics
Custom Client Configurations
Import / Export
Track Placements
Profit Summary
Custom Reports
Activity Timeline
OpenAI ChatGPT Integration
Zoho Books Integration
QuickBooks Integration
ADP Integration
Balance Transfer
E-Verify / I-9 Forms
Mobile Application [Android & iOS]
Coming Soon
Full-fledged Payroll System
Coming Soon
Invoices & Bills
Coming Soon
All-in-one Immigration Support
Coming Soon

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